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Sue Heine – Managing Director/Tour Director

sueSue worked in the airline and travel industry for 14 years before creating Toujours France 17 years ago. Toujours France comes from an original concept, Sue’s philosophy being to provide a unique travel experience for discerning guests who are interested in discovering France & a select range of other countries in a more diverse, entertaining & personalised fashion than is experienced on larger group tours. In 2003, Sue began a long and fulfilling relationship with European Waterways and other independent barge owners to expand the company to luxury hotel barge cruising. While still directing our small group tours, and creating new itineraries each year, Sue has travelled or inspected all of our barges and can therefore offer an exceptional insight into barge cruising and advice on the cruise that is right for you.

Due to Sue’s ongoing French connections and friendships, she is always familiar with current affairs and trends, so that Toujours France guests benefit from the most up-to-date local knowledge, from great shopping, “hidden” local restaurants, new attractions, museums and

Sue lived and worked in Paris for 3 years and holds a Diploma in Advanced French with extra studies in Art and History. Her grand passion for France extends from history and art to cuisine, wine and local traditions.

“I am passionate about barging and rate it as one of the most enjoyable ways to see different regions in France. The barges carry such a special ambience that you settle in to immediately and enjoy the week from the first moment you step on board. One of the things that ‘make’ the cruise is the crew and their extraordinary knowledge of the region they operate in, and their focus on the guests and ensuring they have an exceptional holiday. It’s the little surprises like appearing on deck with a special pre-lunch aperitif, or diverting to a special place that is not necessarily on the itinerary, but turns out to be an amazing sight or experience, that just make my day. I also love the peace of walking or cycling on the towpath every day, and of course, the food and wine are always superb!”

Jake Hower – Pan Australian Travel

Jake Hower is Director of Pan Australian Travel, our affiliated licenced travel agent. Jake has cultivated a career out of his love of travel and fine food and wine for many years and loves nothing more than sharing his experiences and knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.

Jake pours passion and enthusiasm into everything he undertakes and believes in the core values of Honesty, Professionalism, Integrity and Leadership.

In conjunction with our associated travel agency, Pan Australian Travel, we offer special fares to our tour guests on all major airlines. We also offer extended travel arrangements such as accommodation, car hire, train travel, villa rentals and transfers all over Europe and the UK.