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Category: Boutique Collection

All of our barges offer the same exceptional standard of cuisine, wine, excursions and service – so no matter what category of barge you choose, you can rest assured you will be receiving the same outstanding cruise experience!

Our boutique collection has been selected from our overall barge fleet as barges which offer a “certain something” which sets them apart – a unique style, decor, design or amenities that you will not find on any other barge.

This is not a category that implies standard – our boutique barges may be First Class, Deluxe or Ultra-Deluxe – but possess a certain “je ne sais quoi” that in our opinion, has earned them a place in this category!


Cruise on the “Queen of Burgundy” – exquisitely appointed, with the most lavishly decorated cabins in the region, and magnificently decorated lounge and deck area; you will feel as if you are cruising in an opulently designed yet supremely comfortable private home!

Prospérité is an ultra-luxurious barge which offers some of the largest rooms, highest level of amenities and most superb gourmet cuisine that you will find on any of the barges in France. Let our private chef captivate your taste buds with fresh and elegant French cuisine.

Roi Soleil is different from any other vessel on the Canal du Midi in that it is based on classic American yacht design from the 1920s and elegantly appointed with French fabrics, beautiful polished woods, spacious tiled bathrooms and leather seating.

Saint Louis cruises in the picturesque Bordeaux region. A barge offering exceptionally personalised service, mouth watering cuisine made from local seasonal ingredients, and elegant regional wines. Perfect for a charter of friends or family.