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Category: Ultra Deluxe

All of our barges offer the same exceptional standard of cuisine, wine, excursions and service – so no matter what category of barge you choose, you can rest assured you will be receiving the same outstanding cruise experience!

As a guideline, on an Ultra-Deluxe category barge you may expect to find extra-large cabins ranging from 165 – 270 sq. feet sq. feet, and large, beautifully equipped bathrooms. All Ultra-Deluxe barges have a jacuzzi on deck and will have large salon and dining areas with stunning decoration, ranging from traditional to contemporary style. Our Ultra-Deluxe barges are magnificent, and offer a superlative barge cruise holiday.

La Nouvelle Etoile is the ultimate barging holiday for discerning clients looking for luxurious, spacious accommodation and captivating itineraries. She offers deluxe European canal cruises in 3 countries – France, Germany & Holland.

Prospérité is an ultra-luxurious barge which offers some of the largest rooms, highest level of amenities and most superb gourmet cuisine that you will find on any of the barges in France. Let our private chef captivate your taste buds with fresh and elegant French cuisine.

Imagine relaxing on deck of one of the most luxurious of the French hotel barges, cruising along the River Seine and the picturesque Canal de Briare, enjoying the best cuisine and wine France has to offer…